The Falcon™ Air Jacketed Kettle system(s) rapidly and effectively melt thermoplastic granular or block material. Built-in agitator is designed with bottom and side wiping blades to prevent material build up and optimum blending. For use with a large variety and type of thermoplastic applicators.


Falcon™ Kettles are octagon-shaped to conserve space while providing superior melting performance. They are manufactured with accessible hardware components for ease of preventative maintenance and repair.

All kettles are constructed of heavy gauge steel. The agitation shaft is firmly suspended in tank; with variable speed control and reversible action providing optimum agitation efficiency. The agitator blades are engineered to evenly blend the molten material, with complete bottom and side wiping action, preventing material build-up while maximizing circulation.

Discharge valve is designed to open and close with no requirement for external heating.

Heat is supplied via diesel or propane fuel for maximum efficiency and continuous reliable long-life performance. Only quality parts go into each of our Falcon™ Kettles.  Manufactured for safety, all Falcon™ Kettles come with a high temperature limit switch to prevent overheating of thermoplastic.

Falcon™ Kettles can be purchased as standalone units, pairs, triples or quad with optional inter-connections. You may purchase them with or without installation for your truck, trailer or skid.

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  • Choose from air jacketed
  • Propane or diesel fueled
  • Cylindrical design for heating and melting efficiency
  • Constructed with heavy gauge steel
  • Variable speed agitation with forward and reverse action for optimum blending
  • Agitator designed with bottom side wiping blades to prevent material build up
  • Discharge valve operates without the need for external heating
  • High temperatures limit switch to prevent overheating thermoplastic material
  • Custom kettle sizes from 600 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.
  • Install on a truck, trailer, or skid
  • Kettles can be connected for increased melting capacity
  • 250,000 - 450,000 btu burner systems
  • Options: three-door loading chute, direct drive agitation, electric ignition

ASE Falcon Kettles Brochure


Fuel Type

Propane, Diesel

Insulating Jacket


Material Capacity

1000 lbs., 1200 lbs., 1500 lbs., 2000 lbs., 2500 lbs., 3000 lbs.

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