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Making our mark in the line-striping industry since 1984
Advanced Striping Equipment makes road-marking and pavement maintenance easy. Whether for highways, roads, bike lanes, parking areas, or airports, our innovative, industry-leading products are the right choice for your job.
Road-marking and pavement maintenance professionals play a key role in ensuring the safety of our roads and the functionality of public spaces. Advanced Striping Equipment provides you with high-quality and reliable equipment to get the job done!  Please contact us with any questions, thank you.

Epic Solutions is a global company: Serving all international customers as well as Puerto Rico & the Caribbean.  Epic Solutions is your ONE STOP SHOP for all of your Thermoplastic needs!

Did You Know!  We also manufacture Pavement Marking Truck Timing Systems & Data Logging Systems, MMA equipment, Pavement Marking Tape Equipment, Vac Systems, etc.)

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