The Mystic™ RS100 is a gas-powered, self-contained plural component aggregate sprayer in a lightweight and compact design. The Mystic RS100 uses a high-output, variable speed spray pump that delivers up to 2.0 gpm of material, allowing you to clearly mark bike lane and pedestrian surfaces faster than ever before.



Advanced Rotor-Stator Design and Technology

  • Delivers top performance and sprays up to 2.0 gpm
  • For 1:1 water-based materials with aggregate mix
  • Variable speed hydraulic system
  • Perfect for spraying aggregate coatings prone to clog airless sprayers

Smart Design

  • Advanced rotor-stator design allows you to spray heavier materials and supports up to 50' hose length
  • Flexible wheel or skid mounted configuration allows for increased portability and transport
  • Separate pump/gun air control provides smooth operation and a consistent finish
  • Large capacity 45 gallon material hopper


  • Fuel efficient with all the power and performance of a Honda
  • Exceptionally quiet running engine
  • Smooth performance with lower vibration
  • Low oil alert system prevents engine seizure