EPIC Solutions Tape Applicator TA5000


Cut Striping Tape Without Stopping!

EPIC Solutions designed and built tape applicator that cuts tape without having to stop! The programmable timing system eliminates having to measure out patterns. Just get lined up at your starting point, hit the button and go!

  • Holds standard rolls – use any brand of tape up to 12” – temporary or permanent
  • Apply tape in the groove
  • Operating speeds up to 3 mph


Self-Contained Highway Stripe Tape Applicator Unit

Standard Features:

  • Line Driver Hitch
  • Reversible Blades
  • Front Swivel Pneumatic Caster
  • Point Bar
  • Gas-powered Air Compressor with 12v Charging System
  • Splice Tape Dispenser

Additional Information

Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 40 × 44 in

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