Complete Your Task on Time With Thermoplastic Striping Equipment

Thermoplastic striping equipment is the dependable choice when in need of a reliable and long lasting solution for your road striping needs. Thermoplastic striping is often used for road markings and is representative of the most common systems in place today. This type of road marking/striping equipment uses binders, pigments, and even glass beads to produce the best solution for impressive marking results--due to the high reflectivity.

Road Marking and Road Striping Techniques

When you need long-lasting performance from a product which uses the best and most advanced technologies in road marking, look no further than Advanced Striping Equipment's advanced resin blends. The actual compound used for this style of marking or striping technique comes in either blocks or powder, but the actual equipment used to apply the materials is extremely sophisticated and advanced. There are many diverse ways in which the application of the thermoplastic striping compounds is conducted.

When You Need Long-Lasting and Durable Road Marking Solutions

Due to the outstanding reflection properties--even under varied weather conditions, this long-lasting and durable type of road marking has become the expected standard application today. As a hot alternative for applying road markings through the use of thermoplastic hand liners and thermoplastic ride-on liners, combined with accessories including trailers and melting kettles, this type of application is preferred.

State-Of-The-Art Striping Equipment That Can't Be Beat

Many companies provide this kind of product, but one company has consistently proven to be a leader in the industry. Advanced Striping Equipment offers their customers the best, state-of-the-art striping equipment and pavement striping products available today. Advanced Striping Equipment helps customers stay on budget and on schedule. Especially when performing even large-scale road or pavement projects. Contact Advanced Striping Equipment today to learn more about thermoplastic striping equipment that helps to guarantee timely project completion each and every time.

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